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We strive to work with you to create photos and videos at affordable rates. Below is an overview of our standard packages.

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I Film U Wedding Video Brochure

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Essential Filming- £ (see brochure)

This Essential 1 camera package will capture your wedding ceremony right up to the end of your speeches (and everything in between!)

The Essential Package includes an edited DVD or High Definition Blu-Ray disk.

Your finished film will also include, arrival at the venue and receiving line (where possible).

*Please note that the Essential package is only available if your speeches are before your wedding breakfast and your ceremony and reception are in the same location.

All of our finished DVD and Blu-Ray discs feature fully customised animated menus set to music.


Standard Filming- £ (see brochure)

This Standard package will capture your wedding ceremony right up to the end of your speeches.

The Standard Package includes 2 cameras* for large parts of your day and is presented on an edited DVD or High Definition Blu-Ray disk.

Your finished film will also include, arrival at the venue and receiving line (where possible).

*2 camera operators for the ceremony and speeches only


Comprehensive Filming- £ (see brochure)

I Film U’s top package will include everything from the above packages with the addition of the morning preparations and up to 1 hour after the first dance. Having 2 cameras and operators throughout the day means we can capture both the Bride and Groom’s preparation.

The Comprehensive package features a 2nd camera operator all day, enabling us to capture all of those moments that might otherwise be missed!

All of our films will be set to music of your choice. We will use only Broadcast Quality High Definition cameras to capture all footage.

The All In package includes an edited High Definition Blu-Ray disc as well as 2 DVD's.

Typical Video production (depending on package)

We use at least 2 Broadcast Quality High Definition video cameras and 2 camera operators. This ensures that we can capture different angles to make your film interesting and also ensures that we don't miss anything. The normal flow of chapters is listed below (Chapter titles in bold). But each video is different and unique to your day.

"Before" the ceremony would include your preparation, the Grooms preparation and guests arriving. The video would contrast your make-up, hair, dresses etc with the Groom in the bar checking his button hole (they have it tough) and the venue filling with your guests as they await your grand entrance.


"The Ceremony" is filmed in its entirety, again with at least 2 cameras, capturing the all important exchange of vows, rings, the kiss and the walk down as Husband and Wife.


"Just Married" We then mingle with the guests as you have your photographs taken, capturing all those little moments that you miss, keeping things as natural as possible. We try not to stage anything with the possible exception of a "Reservoir Dogs" style piece with the guys or a "Here Come The Girls" with the girls - always popular.


"The Line up" is an opportunity to make sure that we get everyone on camera.


"Speeches and the cutting of the cake", again we use 2 cameras to film, making sure that we don't miss a thing.


"Bonus Chapters" if the guys are up for it we can do a "Reservoir Dogs" sequence for them, always popular. We can also do a "Here Come The Girls" with the bridesmaids. We can then film on into the "Evening Party" to include your "First Dance" plus 1 hour. This enables us to capture the atmosphere of your party.

Your day will also be set to a special "Highlights Montage" looking back at the whole day. This part of your video will be uploaded to YouTube so that you can share it with all your friends and family on the Internet FREE.

We may then round off your video with a "Credits" film listing everyone who has helped make your day special. This helps you remember everyone and is a nice thank you for them as well. For this we often use still shots from your day and/or any "bloopers" - great fun!

Your DVD or Blu-ray disc is then compiled with easy access menus just like a DVD you would buy from the shop, allowing you to access your favourite bits whenever you wish. All packaged in a professional case.


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